Kirke Leinatamm is an Estonian freelance 3D designer with experience in the textile and fashion field for already over 10 years. BSc in Textile Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia) provided a profound education in pattern making, sewing technologies and CAD design. 

The virtual world of fashion started to interest Kirke during her master studies in Textile Management in Sweden, University of Boras. The master programme thoroughly introduced sustainability practices in the fashion world in all parts of the value chain. Virtual fashion being one of the emerging sustainability-focussed innovations found a way to become Kirke's number one passion.

"My mission is to give a positive incentive for businesses to use more environmental-friendly practices. I also deeply believe in innovation and forward thinking. I pursue my mission in the textile and fashion field because this has always been my passion."

Different work experience in fashion brands has contributed to an extensive understanding of the fashion world. Kirke has also had her own jewellery brand and now she is working on her made-to-measure suit brand, where 3D also plays a significant role.